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Welcome to Built Ambition!


Kevin is a very patient and understanding personal trainer. He is always able to modify an exercise if needed to avoid any injury or complications. He has restored my fitness as I recover from a spinal cord injury. His ingenious development of a personal training plan helps me strengthen, lose weight and prevent further injuries. If you desire a caring and knowledgeable fitness trainer, Kevin is the one!

Charles D Stewart DMD.

Training with Kevin is a highlight of my week! Kevin is a great motivator and challenges me to always push past my boundaries. He is very knowledgeable personal trainer and creative in progressing sessions to meet my goals, making them tough and fun at the same time. No two workouts are ever the same! Thanks Kevin!


Kevin has been my personal trainer for about 3 years now. When I first started working out with him I was a scrawny sophomore in high school without any sort of bodily definition or idea of what I was doing with my fitness. After one training session with Kevin he recognized my goals, abilities, and work ethic. He quickly created a personalized workout sheet with a weekly schedule for me to follow. A few hours later he included a meal plan for me that was perfectly catered to the fact that I wanted to cut fat while still maintaining a high protein diet to get stronger as well. Overall Kevin has helped me develop into a much more active, motivated, and self-confident person and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

Alex B

Being somewhat athletic and going to the gym already, I thought I knew all there is to know about fitness. When I got recommended to train with Kevin and had our first training session that completely changed. Kevin showed me all different types of unique exercises that are safe and effective as well as beneficial in the long run for my physical health. Not only that but Kevin is a personal trainer that does care about his clients and pushed me to get where I am with how my body is today, and competing in natural physique shows.