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“My husband and I have been fitness training with Evan for well over a year. My husband first sought training in early 2020, after several years of shoulder and back issues.  My husband no longer has back pain, and he feels stronger and more stable in his core and shoulders, thanks to Evan.

As for myself, I came to Evan after returning to solo workouts (running) and experiencing some pretty worrisome knee pain as a result. Evan provided patient, tailored exercises to target my core, glutes, hamstrings, and ankle stability.

Evan is trustworthy, punctual, and, above all, an expert in listening to his clients’ needs and providing excellent, personalized fitness training for us.”
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“Evan Gordon has been my personal trainer for almost 10 years. Evan is extremely knowledgeable and attentive. All his sessions are geared to the personal goals and needs of the individual client. In addition to improving my strength and overall fitness, working with Evan has helped me improve my lower back pain, posture, and alignment. I would highly recommend him!”