As a Certified Personal Trainer and Physical Therapy Aide, I have experience in training a variety of clients. Having trained clients who wanted to increase strength to clients in recovery from an injury who want to stay in shape while continuing to rehabilitate their injury.

Being able to combine aspects of rehabilitation and personal training allows me to provide curated workout plans for any client that comes my way, whether they want to become leaner and more fit, increase strength after an injury, or just feel healthier and better about themselves.

Through knowledge and technology, I provide a sense of transparency for my clients by which I offer my time in and out of the gym. I am always available to my clients whether it be through text, phone call or zoom when we are not in session. Training isn’t only about what is done at the gym, but the lifestyle choices which influence our fitness journey and achieving our goals.

You can Call or Text Bryan directly at 818-861-5748 or schedule your Session Below. Or Meet Our Other Trainers