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  • 15MAR, 2022

    The Truth About Built Ambition

    Hi. My name is Kevin and I work as the Social Media and Marketing Manager for Built Ambition. I wanted to take a moment of your time to be direct and honest about our services and the company I represent. As I have written about in other posts how Built Ambition carries a higher cost

  • 02FEB, 2022

    Why Built Ambition

    Let’s address the real question – why Built Ambition? It is easy enough to talk about the importance of investing in ourselves, our health, and all the benefits that brings. Yet Built Ambition costs more than your average gym membership at known names like Planet Fitness or Gold’s. We have talked about this investment in

  • 22JAN, 2022

    Five Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

    There are certain criteria we look for in a post-workout snack. Generally we are looking for something that helps muscle recovery as well as proteins for muscle building. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to actually build muscle or simply to stay active and moving. We want to help feed our bodies properly so

Founder and Trainer Kevin C. explains and shows some examples of Total Body Exercises. Getting the full body involved maximizing muscle groups and giving a complete workout in one go.

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Fear. A natural survival response. How does it play into our fitness journey and how can we overcome it? Kevin Christie offers his thoughts on fear.

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